Business Process
& Outsourcing

Business Process & Outsourcing

We provide Business Process Outsourcing solutions that adapt operational management to current market needs.

We cover from taxation and accounting to labor and administrative management, adapted to the needs of startups, SMEs, and large corporations in various sectors.

With a global presence in more than 25 countries, ECIJA will help you optimize your business processes

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Get to know our Business Process & Outsourcing services


  • Tax analysis and planning.
  • Comprehensive tax advice and management of tax obligations.
  • Appeals and claims in administrative proceedings.


  • Supervision of accounting processes.
  • Accounting reconstructions.
  • Analysis of accounts.
  • Bank Reconciliations.
  • Loan Staff.

Business Process Management

Includes the outsourcing of general administrative functions such as data management, meeting scheduling and email administration.


Customer Care

Call centre services, technical support, and customer care through various channels such as telephone, email, live chat and social media.


Finance and Accounting

Financial transaction processing, accounts payable and receivable management, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and auditing.


Human Resources (HR)

Payroll administration, recruitment and selection, training and development, benefits and compensation management, and labor relations administration.


Information Technology (IT)

Software development and maintenance, IT infrastructure management, technical support, and information security.


Procurement and Purchasing

Supply chain management, negotiation with suppliers, purchasing, and logistics.


Sales and Marketing

Lead generation, digital marketing campaign management, market analysis, and telesales services.


Document and Content Management

Document digitisation, archive management, and information processing.


Legal and Compliance

Legal support services, contract management, compliance, and data protection consulting.


Research and Development (R&D)

Support in market research, product development, and proof of concept.

Our clients

Benefits of having BPO

At ECIJA we focus on simplifying complex processes and providing clarity for our clients’ decision-making.

We provide customized solutions with a holistic approach ranging from tax to labor management, and a deep understanding of various industries.

Our Business Process Outsourcing service combines our established expertise and extensive global network.

Start your journey to more efficient management with ECIJA today.

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Juliana Arjona
Juliana Arjona
Muchísima ayuda!!!! Lo que necesitaba
Pepe Torres
Pepe Torres
Extremadamente profesionales.
Miguel Alonso
Miguel Alonso
Muy buen servicio y calidad

Optimize your operations with the ECIJA BPO

Comprehensive tax advice

We guarantee tax compliance and optimization, taking advantage of global and local tax strategies.

Advanced accounting management

We offer accurate accounting solutions, from reporting to financial consolidation, using the latest technologies.

Customized payroll solutions

We tailor payroll and recruitment management to your company’s needs, improving satisfaction and efficiency.

Tax strategy and compliance

We minimize risk by proactively managing your tax obligations, including navigating double taxation treaties.

Human resources support

We assist you in all aspects of employment, from drafting contracts to advising on employee secondments, for seamless talent management.

Contact us and work with industry specialists

Our BPO service exists to help you transform your operations and grow.

We design strategies that align perfectly with your objectives. Contact us, we’ll be happy to work with you to help your business succeed.

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More efficient business management with BPO services.

Our BPO service covers everything from tax management to employment advice, adapting to multinationals, startups, and entrepreneurs.

We offer you all our experience and global reach to provide solutions that perfect processes and prepare your business for the future.

Optimize the management of your company with ECIJA.

Frequently asked questions about the BPO service

What does ECIJA's BPO service include?

The service covers advice and management in tax, accounting, labor and administrative areas, suitable for a wide range of sectors and company sizes.

How can ECIJA improve my company's tax management?

We offer an optimisation of fiscal and tax obligations, taking advantage of local and international regulations for the benefit of your business.

How does ECIJA's BPO service streamline my company's accounting?

We implement multi-platform solutions and produce customized reports, as well as manage group consolidation and intercompany loans.

Can ECIJA help me with payroll and human resources management?

Yes, our services range from payroll and social security to employment advice and the design of remuneration systems.

What makes ECIJA's BPO service unique?

Our global expertise and ability to deliver customized solutions sets us apart, enabling us to serve over 500 customers in more than 25 countries with efficiency and precision.