Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory

Your financial management will be more complete if you work with a knowledgeable and globally experienced advisor.

At ECIJA we have more than 25 years of local and international experience to offer you a Financial Advisory service with innovative and effective solutions.

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Learn about our Financial Advisory services


Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Includes assistance in the process of buying or selling companies, from the search for investment opportunities to the closing of the operation.


Financial and Operational Due Diligence

Detailed assessment of a company’s financial and operational situation prior to a transaction to identify risks and opportunities.


Company Valuations

Analysis to determine the fair value of a company or specific assets, whether for transactions, legal disputes, or tax planning.


Business Restructuring

Services oriented to companies in situations of financial difficulty or insolvency, seeking alternatives for their restructuring or recovery.


Divestment Advice

Support in the sale of business divisions, assets or shareholdings, including preparation for the sale, identification of potential buyers and negotiation of terms.


Debt and Financing Services

Advice on debt structuring, refinancing, and finding alternative sources of financing.


Financial Risk Management

Identification, assessment, and management of the financial risks associated with the company’s activity, such as credit risk, exchange rate risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk.


Financial Planning and Modelling

Financial modelling for strategic planning, including financial projections and scenario analysis.


Investment Advice

Guidance on investment options, evaluation of investment projects and strategies to maximize return.


Strategic Consulting

Services that combine financial analysis with strategic consulting to assist in corporate decision-making and the definition of business strategies.


Mediation in Economic Disputes

Advice on the resolution of financial disputes, either through mediation or court proceedings, including litigation related to valuations or transactions.

Our clients

Advantages you will have with us

Expert advice: Access to financial expertise to help you optimize your financial structure and investment strategies.

Informed decision-making: With the analysis and information we provide, you will be able to make more informed and strategic financial decisions.

Improved risk management: Identification and management of financial risks to protect your assets and maximize your returns.

Strategic planning: Support with long-term planning, including expansion, investment, and retirement.

Conoce la opinión de nuestros clientes

Conoce la opinión de nuestros clientes que ya se han beneficiado de nuestro servicio de Financial Advisory.

Juliana Arjona
Juliana Arjona
Muchísima ayuda!!!! Lo que necesitaba
Pepe Torres
Pepe Torres
Extremadamente profesionales.
Miguel Alonso
Miguel Alonso
Muy buen servicio y calidad

Your financial strategy is safer with ECIJA

Innovation in corporate finance

We take a proactive approach, from outsourcing the CFO to optimizing the financial structure, ensuring cutting-edge and efficient financial management.

Efficiency in M&A

Our expertise in valuations, due diligence and advising on financing rounds drives successful and profitable transactions.

Debt restructuring solutions

We analyze and optimize repayment capacity, facilitating sustainable deals that ensure long-term financial viability.

Access to public financing

We maximize public financing opportunities, including grants, relief and loans, to support your company’s growth and innovation.

Forensic audit integrity

We prevent and detect fraud, ensuring transparency and confidence in your financial operations through effective anti-fraud analysis and planning.

We specialize in financial advice to help you

Contact us. At ECIJA Advisory we are here to support the growth and financial stability of your company. 

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Support your company’s financial growth with a Financial Advisory service

Our experience, track record and expertise guarantee effective solutions that optimize your financial structure and capitalize on growth opportunities for your company.

Contact us today and start on the road to efficient management with a committed and proactive team.

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Advisory

What is the role of the financial advisor?

A financial advisor is a professional who provides support to individuals in areas related to economics and finance. He or she guides you through the different financial products available and advises you on the best options according to the level of risk you are willing to take.

How does ECIJA Financial Advisory differ from other providers?

We are distinguished by our global integration, experience in multiple sectors and an innovative approach that combines strategic advice with practical solutions tailored to each client.

Does ECIJA Advisory offer advice on public finance and grants?

Yes, we provide comprehensive advice on identifying, applying for and managing public funding, including grants, subsidies and loans, tailoring our strategies to the specific needs of your organization.