Our financial services.

Financial Advisory

ECIJA Advisory provides comprehensive financial, tax, accounting, and business advisory services. 

Our experience and multidisciplinary approach position us as an effective solution for your business.

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Advantages of a comprehensive consultancy for your company

Reduction of tax burdens 

Identification of legal strategies to minimize tax obligations, maximizing profitability.

Financial strengthening 

Designing robust financial structures to foster growth and long-term stability.

Access to public financing 

Expert assistance in obtaining and optimizing grants and subsidies, expanding financing opportunities.

Customized strategies 

Solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company, effectively addressing unique challenges.

Global perspective 

Application of extensive market knowledge to deliver competitive advantage in diverse environments.

Complete services for your company

ECIJA Advisory offers specialized solutions designed to strengthen your organization’s financial, tax and operational infrastructure, ensuring an efficient approach in a complex global environment.

Financial Advisory

We optimize your financial performance through specialized and strategic advice.

  • Corporate Finance
  • M&A
  • Debt restructuring
  • Public financing
  • Forensic audit

Tax & Accounting

We provide comprehensive solutions optimizing your tax, accounting and labor structure.

  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Payroll

Public Sector

We facilitate access to and efficient management of grants and public funds.

  • Subsidies and grants
  • Audit and control

Our areas of expertise

Innovation in corporate finance

We take a proactive approach, from outsourcing the CFO to optimizing the financial structure, ensuring cutting-edge and efficient financial management.

Efficiency in M&A

Our expertise in valuations, due diligence and advising on financing rounds drives successful and profitable transactions.

Debt restructuring solutions

We analyze and optimize repayment capacity, facilitating sustainable deals that ensure long-term financial viability.

Access to public financing

We maximize public funding opportunities, including grants, grants, relief and loans, to support your company’s growth and innovation.

Forensic audit integrity

We prevent and detect fraud, ensuring transparency and confidence in your financial operations through effective anti-fraud analysis and planning.

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Take the next step towards efficient management with ECIJA

Our comprehensive consultancy exists to accompany the growth and stability of your company. 

ECIJA combines experience, innovation, and support in every step you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of services does ECIJA offer?

We offer comprehensive advice in areas such as Financial Advisory, BPO, and specialized assistance for the Public Sector.

How can ECIJA help my company grow?

Through customized financial, tax and public resource optimization strategies, we support the sustainable growth of your business.

Does ECIJA offer customized solutions for small and medium-sized companies?

Yes, we develop tailor-made solutions for companies of all sizes, adapting to their specific needs.

In which countries does ECIJA operate?

ECIJA has a presence in several countries, offering a global perspective with a local approach to your business needs.

How can I start working with ECIJA?

Contact us via our web form or call our offices directly for a no-obligation initial consultation.