Public Sector

Public Sector

At ECIJA we study and take advantage of the business characteristics of each of our associates.

Through our Public Sector service, we manage the efficient access to grants and subsidies, ensuring that each entity achieves its objectives.

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We offer these Public Sector services at ECIJA Advisory


  • Strategic consultancy and support to public and private entities in the elaboration of positioning strategies and access to public funds.
  • Technical advice on the management and justification of European Funds through technical offices.
  • Elaboration of strategic, action, and development plans for attracting European funds. Elaboration of the Basis Orders and calls for proposals for European programs and management manuals.


  • Operational and management audits, reports on agreed procedures.
  • Auditing and control of the integral management of public funds, both in the granting, execution and justification of aid.
  • Elaboration and implementation of internal control procedures.

Our clients

Improve your business performance with ECIJA

We have more than 25 years of expertise in the public sector with techniques and strategies that enhance resource management and maximize the reach of programs. 

We focus on creating effectiveness between technology and public management, providing a more agile and transparent management, and charting paths towards sustainable and profitable development for your business.

Conoce la opinión de nuestros clientes

Juliana Arjona
Juliana Arjona
Muchísima ayuda!!!! Lo que necesitaba
Pepe Torres
Pepe Torres
Extremadamente profesionales.
Miguel Alonso
Miguel Alonso
Muy buen servicio y calidad

Development and innovation in your business with ECIJA’s Public Sector service

Discover how our financial advisory services transform challenges into opportunities for growth and stability.

Strategies for accessing funds

We design plans to raise public funds, facilitating access to them and increasing opportunities for financing and sustainable development.

Advanced audit management

We implement detailed audit and control procedures, raising standards of transparency and operational efficiency.

Cutting-edge consultancy

Our strategic advice ensures the successful implementation of public policies, strengthening community and social infrastructure.

Contact our public sector specialists today

Contact us. At ECIJA Advisory we give you access to your company to take advantage of public resources.

We are here to provide you with customized and strategic solutions.

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Optimize your company with a Public Sector service

At ECIJA we facilitate access to public resources for your company. We optimize their use and ensure their correct justification from the beginning of the process.

We will guide you correctly to help you maximize these benefits.

Don’t let bureaucracy limit you. Contact us and let’s start improving the management and results of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions about Public Sector

How does ECIJA facilitate access to public funds for my company?

We offer strategic and technical advice to identify and access the most appropriate subsidies and grants, simplifying the application and management process.

What kind of support does ECIJA offer in the management of European Funds?

We provide full support, from strategic planning to justification of funds, including technical advice and preparation of the necessary documentation.

How does ECIJA's Public Sector service differ from other similar services?

We distinguish ourselves through our in-depth understanding of the public and private sector, a personalised approach to each client, and our commitment to transparency and efficiency.