Ecija: The consultancy in Madrid that your company needs

We will help you save time and costs significantly.

Optimize your processes, reduce potential errors and increase your operational efficiency with ECIJA Advisory.  

Our Madrid consultancy integrates key services in areas such as financial, tax and accounting management, giving you the opportunity to handle all your business needs in one single point of trust in Madrid.

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Why choose an agency in Madrid like Ecija? 

We know that certain tasks can be complex and time-consuming for a company, that’s why we offer solutions that allow you to focus on the priority areas of your business, while we take care of the administrative and compliance tasks.

Outsourcing these functions can result in significant savings, up to 50% compared to maintaining an in-house department. In addition, it improves financial management and provides detailed reports to make decisions based on accurate data, ensuring a more efficient economic operation.

Tax regulations are complex and constantly changing. Our advisors in Madrid ensure compliance with your tax obligations, including accounting management, compliance with the Immediate Information System (SII), tax optimization and meticulous preparation of payrolls, taking advantage of the tax benefits available.

We offer integral and business advice in Madrid: from the incorporation of companies to legal and commercial advice, ensuring the development and welfare of your business among the competition and market evolution.

Complete services for your company

ECIJA Advisory offers specialized solutions designed to strengthen your organization’s financial, tax and operational infrastructure, ensuring an efficient approach in a complex global environment.

Financial Advisory

We optimize your financial performance through specialized and strategic advice.

  • Corporate Finance
  • M&A
  • Debt restructuring
  • Public financing
  • Forensic audit

Tax & Accounting

We provide comprehensive solutions optimizing your tax, accounting and labor structure.

  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Payroll

Public Sector

We facilitate access to and efficient management of grants and public funds.

  • Subsidies and grants
  • Audit and control

Our areas of expertise

Innovation in corporate finance

We take a proactive approach, from outsourcing the CFO to optimizing the financial structure, ensuring cutting-edge and efficient financial management.

Efficiency in M&A

Our expertise in valuations, due diligence and advising on financing rounds drives successful and profitable transactions.

Debt restructuring solutions

We analyze and optimize repayment capacity, facilitating sustainable deals that ensure long-term financial viability.

Access to public financing

We maximize public funding opportunities, including grants, grants, relief and loans, to support your company’s growth and innovation.

Forensic audit integrity

We prevent and detect fraud, ensuring transparency and confidence in your financial operations through effective anti-fraud analysis and planning.

Advantages of relying on our advice in Madrid


We provide complete financial, tax and public resources advisory services, tailored to the specific needs of each company in Madrid.


We stand out for our power of adaptation, incorporating the latest technologies to offer you efficient and innovative solutions.


With our comprehensive consulting, organizations and companies in Madrid find a pillar for their growth and optimal operation.


We have more than 25 years of experience and presence in several countries, including global experience in successful operations in Europe, Latin America and other regions.


We simplify your daily operations, optimize your resources and guide you towards smart decisions for your company and projects.

Visit our office in Madrid, we are waiting for you

Contact or visit our advisors in Madrid. At ECIJA Advisory we will be happy to work with you.  


+34 911 884 717

Poeta Joan Maragall, 3 - 1°I, 28020 Madrid.

We offer you the support your company needs

Integral consulting is a fundamental service for companies and the public sector that are looking for expert support in different management areas. 

One of our main features is the use of advanced technology, which allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each client and guarantee a quality service.

Contact us and see how Ecija can transform every facet of your company in Madrid, helping it to grow potentially and financially.

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Frequently asked questions about Madrid consulting

What are the main benefits of tax consultancy in Madrid?

Tax consultancy in Madrid provides expert support in tax management, optimizing the company’s tax burden and ensuring compliance with tax obligations.

How can ECIJA's accounting services in Madrid help my company?

ECIJA’s accounting advice in Madrid helps to maintain an orderly and updated accounting, providing accurate financial reports for better decision making.

Does ECIJA offer specialized consulting services in Madrid?

Yes, ECIJA offers specialized services in areas such as financial, tax and procurement of public resources, tailored to the specific needs of each client in Madrid.